Thursday, June 14, 2012


A long overdue update. Many things happened yet nothing much has really changed. My life was just fulfilling with its many pockets of fun and busyness.

Some highlights:

Sec 4 gathering at Wild Honey

My yummy breakfast food. We can really eat breakfast food for all meals!

My lovely classmates from good old days :)

A fun staff retreat

I highly recommend the Northeasten Park Connector! Punggol craziness with XP

First week of hols spent with a fantastic group in Bintan

Coming up next: church camp highlights and my fantastic Korea trip! Will take a long while before my next update because work is piling up and there are too many photos to sieve through!

Feeling quite tired this week, have not really rested this holidays yet and a little bogged down by work issues. But well, I am the blessed and the favoured child of God :)

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