Friday, March 09, 2012

Well Done!

Yay I did it!

Survived one term without fainting! Haha though the last two days were quite stressful as I saw a mountain of work to be completed before the kids can be sent packing away to study on their own and I could pack for my camp and trip.

Technically I still have a meeting at 3.30 p.m. but yes, I am already officially in holiday mood.

Things are happening in church :) More people are coming and yes I find myself swept along in the flood. My leader from my previous team released a word for me (launchpad) and it scared me a lot that she is praying for me and thinks I can rise to be a leader. Many years ago in another church, I used to think I would be more involved if only someone would just let me lead something. But thank God that didn't happen. Not because I didn't want to serve but because I had wanted to serve for the wrong reason, to glorify myself. I am happy now, serving in whatever ways I can :) So suddenly the weekend plans began to feature church more but you know what? I am happy!

So to start the holiday, I will be shopping for my trip after that 3.30 p.m. meeting (or should I go for a pedicure? Decisions sigh...) and do some admin work tonight. Or read. (Again, decisions haha!) Then tomorrow it's a school event, church then bowling camp. Sun there is a party for a friend's twins then church. Mon rest. Phew. Tue and Wed on course and Wed night I am out of here!

In the busyness, thank God He is with me giving me strength at all times!

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