Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The battle of the xinghua food stalls

Since we are on the topic of food, let me blog about something that has been on my mind (and in my tummy) a lot - Xinghua food or heng hwa cuisine.

But what exactly is heng hwa food? I have no idea, even after googling (and ending up oogling the pictures in all the food blogs) but the heng hwas are from Fujian province. The food is characterised by light natural flavour. Based on what I have tried from various xinghua stalls, the xinghua bee hoon, lor mee, cabbage soup with clams, homemade tofu, fried ma jiao fish seem to be common across different stalls.

I was first introduced to heng hwa food by the Pu Tien restaurant. The taste was light and the ingredients plenty and from the first moment I tried the xinghua bee hoon, the cabbage soup, the seafood, everything, I was hooked. However, dining in a restuarant can be very pricey so I was glad to chance upon two alternatives! One in Geylang Bahru and one in Alexander Village.

And oops, being the non-food blogger I am, I totally didn't take pictures of the stall or even note the location. But just go down to the main hawker centres in these two places and you should have no problem locating the stalls. After all, heng hwa food is still not so prevalent and these two stalls are the only ones around in the food centres.

Without further ado, let me present to you...

Xinghua bee hoon at Kallang Bahru

From the Kallang Bahru stall. Soup was flavourful but I prefer cabbage and clam soup in pu tien restaurant. Meat was well marinated. Tastes very home cooked!

From Kallang Bahru stall. Veg with beancurd skin. Yummy!

From Kallang Bahru stall. Fried majiao fish

Lor Mee from Alex V. Yummy!

Fried Mee Sua from Alex V. Yummy comfort food!

Bee hoon from Alex V.

I must say the hawker alternatives tasted just as good as the restaurant versions but at a much affordable price. The bee hoon costs about the same as a tze char hor fun but comes with a flavourful broth from the clams, meat, dried shrimp added and coupled with seaweed and toasted peanut - really quite worthwhile!

Between the two stalls, I would prefer the bee hoon from Kallang Bahru. The Alex V one was too dry though the lor mee and mee sua were good! The lacking part about the Kallang Bahru stall was that their chilli was too ordinary!

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