Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Backlog + Meeting Old Friends

Really, sometimes I am so busy with various things I hardly get enough time to sleep, let alone blog.

So I let the (virtual) cobwebs gather while I keep getting various ideas for blog posts.

So in this brief respite between rushing marking + finishing syllabus before exams and the marking of the exams, let me post some of the (outdated) stuff :)

Shall start with the Sept hols, when I caught up with some old friends.

K came back so I treated him to tea. Shall remember never to bring him to nice place with good ambience because this boy is only impressed by good food and not ambience. But to be fair, I have to admit that the price tag for high tea at House@Dempsey was really more for the ambience than for the food.

Vintage themed high tea buffet at House@Dempsey

I like the cupboard!

Help yourself to tea. Not the herbal tasting one though. Ginger tea was great!

Food was almost gone when I had my first round but look at how pretty the presentation was!

Reminds me of English tea!

Large groups can be accommodated too. I like how the table was built around the pillars.

Round 1... I like the green cupcake!

The spring roll and squid ink mini pizza from Skinny Pizza were not bad.

My fave was actually the bread condiments. The what?? Next to the bread lah! Thai chicken, mushrooms...

In deciding on the venue, I looked to my source of inspiration -- DVW's blog 365days2play. Was telling her she should start reviewing places good for non-dates, places where you can take your guy pal (or female lah if you are a guy) to without either party having the wrong idea. Haha!

Dan and I also took time off to bring tea and cake to Geri and HS's place. Haven't seen them for so long but I guess that's what happens when your friends become parents. They have their hands full! :) With three boys, I am sure we totally understand. The tea was much welcome and the gracious hosts chatted with us! Good to catch up with old friends.

I was quite saddened by what happened to their family but I know there is a purpose in whatever happens. I am glad though that HS and Geri proved to be pillars of strength to each other. This couple really inspires me!

A shot of Daddy HS and his carbon copies!

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