Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Singly Yours...

Been reading books on Christian relationships and listening to Ps Prince's sermon on finding life partner... Some points:
  • Why we must not choose non-Christians: We will hinder the non-Christian from accepting Christ when he/she sees us willing to compromise Christ just to marry him/her. God loves the non-Christian too and would not want us to impede the pre-believer! The non-Christian has also no power to invoke Jesus' name to chase the devil off when we struggle... And we will need a priest/king in the house to ward off the devil for us. If the man loves us, he will want to see why we love God and he wants to know this God for himself. A non-Christian who can resist the lure of someone perfectly beautiful like Jesus will resist us who are imperfectly beautiful. Only those in whom the Holy Spirit dwells can there be agape love. Non-Christians are only capable of giving eros love, not agape love...
Oh, I didn't know there were real, practical reasons! Haha always thought it's something to just match us... Just marry in the Lord!

  • Women are made to complement men and to nourish them, while men, because Adam was made first, are made to be initiators. So well, I guess I need to change my way of initiating! I know God is faithful - He has delivered when I just waited and rested on His promise and thus I shall also rely on Him in this case.
  • God is more practical than us. He does not limit us to the ONE, when there are 5 billion people to choose from. He gives us choices, and as long as he is a Christian, God will not limit us! He may also bring us to church or ministries to bring us closer to someone suitable one. There will not be a case where we miss the person, and that's it, end of story...
  • Do not use dreams, prophecies, etc to help us determine who it is! If God speaks to us about some guy, God will do something on the other end as well. (This I definitely agree, because I have dreamt of different people haha...)
  • We are only ready for marriage if we are happy singles. Make it 100% + 100%, not a miserable 50% looking for another half!
  • Look for a spiritual man, but do not be misled by zealousness in a ministry as spirituality. See Proverbs 20 - look for a faithful man. Luke 16 tells us faithfulness comes in being faithful in small things first, then he will be faithful in big things. A truly spiritual man will be good to his parents, treats others well, manages finances well, and is steady in his work. He is willing to forgive others and is generous. Solomon also said that what makes a man desirable is his kindness/grace.
(Oh great, I do know someone like that...)

  • For men, look for a woman who has prudent wisdom, and is virtuous. (Hahaha, no wonder I am still available. But Jesus will work His way in me!) But only Ruth is mentioned as a virtuous woman in the Bible! Boaz calls her a woman full of grace/loving kindness!

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