Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cast of Characters - Max Lucado

The book is about common people - people who are just like you and me. People who have cheated and let God down, people who worry, people who doubt.

Why would Max Lucado write a book about such common people? Who knows these common people anyway?

Oh but we do. The cast of characters is Lucado's selection of Biblical heroes and heroines. In the hands of an uncommon God, these common people were transformed into the characters we know so well, the people who pastors use for sermon illustrations, heroes and heroines made for everlasting fame as their walks were recorded in our Bible. :)

Lucado has his usual way of making the biblical accounts sound more like everyday encounters. Who says the Bible is not relevant anymore?

Some of the characters whom I admire or relate to:
  1. Peter - Peter denied the Lord. Not once. Not twice. But thrice. He who boasted loudly that he loved Jesus and would not desert Him did so three times. How did he feel as he heard the news of His teacher's death, and realised that he left the teacher to die on His own? Cowardly? Ashamed? But after His resurrection, Jesus ensured the disciples and Peter were informed of His return. Peter was not left out. Even as our Saviour came back to bring His final teachings, He remembered to let Peter know first that he had a second chance. :) And the second chance did wonders - Peter did become a rock for the early church and was equipped with courage to preach and defend the gospel in Acts.
  2. Paul - The most zealous Christian killer recorded in the Bible turned into an apostle for Christ. As Paul travelled throughout the region and was plaqued with misfortune after misfortune, what was his response? Nothing but praise for Him. Would I give up if the people I preach to turn around to stone me, or quarrel with one another or turn back to their old ways? Without a doubt, I say yes. But did Paul to the same? No. So Lucado's point is this: even though Paul looked like an unlikely hero, he persevered and ended up shaping history. Tomorrow's hero could be anyone, even us.
  3. David - David was a young shepherd when he faced Goliath. David, who was uneducated and untrained in martial arts, did not even hesitate as he challenged Goliath. What was the reason for his insanity as he challenged the giant so much bigger than he was, and wearing full aromour to boot? David's faith that God would deliver him. And God did! Would I dare to challenge the giant, even if God told me to go ahead because He was behind me? I think I would probably engage in a long debate with God seeking confirmation every 5 seconds. Focus on God and you crush your giants. Focus on giants, and the giants will crush you.

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