Saturday, October 23, 2010


Think the older I get, the less I want to share what goes on in my head/heart.

So the blog degenerates a bit into a mindless rambling, or a depository of good devotionals I read.

Here's an update of the (not-even-recent) happenings in my life:


The birthday came and left peacefully though my eyes couldn't stop rolling thanks to the colleagues' gift of a photoshopped picture of J and me.

The TTA celebration was great though! I enjoyed the two-part celebration -- first a flea market, then kite-making and kite-flying followed by a great dinner at Dozo.

Posing prettily

Birthday celebration in school

Busy at work at the flea market

My kite

Turning Girly

I think the impact of turning yet another year older is that I become vainer! Haha! Qing gave me a lovely treat - eyelash extensions! Thicker and longer lashes for 2 weeks! Add that to my brown contacts and I get this alien eyes look!

Despite my sky high card bills, I shopped.

Longer and fuller lashes!

Alien eyes!

New work dress which I bought cos I felt slimmer in it!

In a pinky girly mood!

School happenings

The J2s have officially graduated, and are hibernating at home preparing for the examinations. Most of my working time is spent giving them consultations, catching up on admin work and preparing for Presiding Examiners duties.

I miss this batch already!

With my form class on their last day in school

Spoke to J and got what I wanted next year - teaching the lower band lecture group and H1 Chem. I foresee a lot of heartaches and headaches but it is still what I want. Excited because this is the first time I am teaching a J1 batch from the beginning!

Eating too much

Haha I put on weight! Not surprising given how much good food I have been eating lately. Beyond the mooncakes and birthday cakes, I indulged in a porridge buffet last week at Teochew Muay, and dinner with DW at The Disgruntled Chef (should call it The Satisfied Customer) and dim sum lunch today.

Need to work out more, especially since I have more free time now! Aqua class at Amore Tampines 1 turned out to be a great workout that was fun and challenging! I like! Has been quite some time since I felt so hyped up about a class.

Porridge at Teochew Muay - Cheap and good deal!

Dimsum lunch at Pioneer Wharf - food is quite nice but we overordered!

Steak tartare at The Disgruntled Chef

Chicken Liver Parfait at The Disgruntled Chef

Baked Bone Marrow at The Disgruntled Chef

Baked Camembert Fondue at The Disgruntled Chef

Curried Mussels at The Disgruntled Chef

I read of DW's interest to visit The Disgruntled Chef and decided to catch up with this old friend at the restaurant. We expected a rowdier ambience but it was pretty quiet until a group of slightly drunk guests came in.
The food was good! DW complained there was too much carbs (true since the dishes we ordered all came with some bread or fries) but each item really was outdone by the next! The chicken liver parfait was smooth and tasty. The steak tartare didn't taste too raw, and the mild spiciness was to my liking. The baked bone marrow was unusual - fatty and the green paste that came with it was garlicky but all went well together! The baked camembert was not too heavy, and the apple sauce plus cheese made a nice dessert. Curried mussels was probably my favourite (eh wait, I can't really decide...) with a savoury thin curry that carried a hint of saltiness that reminded me of the sea!
Anyway, if you are always wondering about new places to try, can check out DW's blog!

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