Wednesday, September 08, 2010

In everything...

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." - Philippians 4:16-17

I have come to rely very heavily on these two verses over the last week. I was studying the Bible to learn more about praying, and the "in everything" phrase struck me a lot.

I used to think we should only bother the Lord in prayer for "big things", and when I read of people praying to recover lost data in thumbdrives, lost earrings, I would be a little uneasy.

But this verse really cleared up the uneasiness. If I believe He is loving and wants to give me showers of blessings, why shouldn't I believe that He is God who would care about everything? After all, it's not as if He is too busy looking after all of us - He is omnipotent after all, so why not?

Pastor Prince's teaching comes to mind - Grace supplies, love gives, faith takes. Faith is admitting that we are weak, and we cannot supply to provide for all our needs, and we recognise there is a generous, compassionate and gracious Provider in our lives. Faith is admitting that we know He can take care of us, and will do so. Faith is daring to lean on Him to provide, daring to open ourselves up to disappointment of failed prayers then finding ourselves immensely blessed because our prayers do get answered instead.

And in little things, I have started to ask Him to help. A funny anecdote to share - somehow, after the very last consultation on Fri, my body must have picked up the signals that the hols have started and hence I fell sick! I was supposed to meet ZX who just got back overseas and didn't want to cancel the appointment since it was a long time since Bro and I caught up with her and Chern. So I started praying for the fever to be taken away.

The next day, the fever was gone! But I was bothered by phlegm (from an inflamed throat) on Saturday, and in the end I started praying for the inflammation to be gone.

On Sunday, it was really cleared up. Then came the runny nose. Shared the whole tale with XP, who said I should just pray for everything to be cleared up. Jesus answers our prayers very specifically indeed! Haha...

Jokes aside, prayer can be a very powerful tool in our lives. ZX and Chern saw how I was afraid of the pain from the wisdom tooth surgery and said they would pray for me. XP prayed too :) And from Monday, the fear just left. I tried worrying about the surgery (just conjure up all the horror tales from friends) but it's as if I was numb to the concept of pain :)

The surgery went well today. I prayed very hard before and during the surgery. Before the surgery, I thanked Him for taking away the fear of the pain and prayed for no pain during the surgery, and it was impressed upon me that even if the surgery would hurt, it was only a temporary pain. Even if I were to be stricken with diseases in future, any pain is temporary because in heaven, there would be no more pain, and it's for eternity. Was really much calmed by this.

Was praying all the time during the surgery for the work of the dentist to be blessed and her hands to be steady and the surgery to be smooth and fast. It was quite disconcerting to listen to the running commentary by the dentist (amidst the drilling and pulling) but I would have freaked out more if I had to imagine what was happening. The dentist didn't realise I wanted all 4 teeth out but thankfully the extraction was relatively smooth and everything could be completed in the 1.5 h allocated. The dentist did joke that I looked like I was pulling all my fingers apart with my wringing of hands.

Of course the human heart is seldom fully at peace and with one worry down, my mind jumped to the next - how to survive the pain (which according to friends who have gone through this would be unbearable especially after the anesthesia wears off) and how to eat (Liquid Diets 101). However, there was no pain! Of course I took painkillers in anticipation of the pain but so far, nothing too painful. I even managed to take mee sua for lunch!

All in all, I would say I am very thankful that the surgery is over. As for prayer, I can see why we should come to Him often with requests - it really strengthens our faith and we see Him for the generous giver He is. If we bother our earthly fathers for all things, our Heavenly Father is waiting to bless us even more greatly, not just in big things, but in everything!

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