Thursday, September 02, 2010

Giving thanks

It has been an amazing 8 days!

J's sharing and XP's encouragement as well as her invitation to church has opened me to the idea of getting closer to God again!

These past 8 days have been amazing and I am thankful for:
  • A great sermon by Pastor Prince on being dead to sin and alive in Christ, and what this passage (Romans 6) really means
  • Great sharing on their walks by friends
  • Being encouraged by Qing's response - we are all here to encourage one another on this walk
  • Learning about how the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and what it means. My response? Perfect love drives out fear.
  • An immense sense of joy
  • Having a laugh out of how He works. E.g. I was really sleepy and dozed off while reading the Word before gym. Prayed that He would take away the tiredness so that I can concentrate. Bought a coffee next and drank it. Results? Tuition tonight got cancelled, and I was so sick by the coffee I puked it out. I actually felt more rejuvenated after that. He was trying to show me the real source of my tiredness I guess.
Isn't it amazing no matter how far we wander, we will still find our way back? This is not due to an amazing navigational skill or an inbuilt GPS on our part - it's because He is so steadfast in His love for us that no matter how far we run, He will be able and is still willing to call us back. :)

It's often our love, not His, that is conditional. We love Him based on how many blessings we count, how close we feel to Him, how faithful we are to reading the Word. We fall when we fail in these areas. But really, He never failed us and we cannot do more to add to Him. So just enjoy this relationship, regardless of conditions we pose on ourselves unnecessarily. :)

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