Saturday, December 25, 2004

Day 6: Queen Victoria Market and Philip Island!

The next day, I woke up, all traces of illness gone (phew)!

We walked to Queen Victoria Market (I waited one hour odd for them because after I woke up, they were all asking to sleep in a little more!), where we bought lots of nougats, nuts, chocolates and other souvenirs. There were so many sheds with stalls that we had no time to browse through everything! I loved the street organ, the stalls selling flowers, the general feel of the place.

We walked back to Kingsgate, stopping on the way for Subway, which had express service. Went back, put our things down, grabbed the lunches, and boarded the coach for our Philip Island tour!

First, we stopped at Warrock Farm. We didn't get to see sheep shearing, whip cracking, etc but we did meet some animals. Warrock is so pretty! It really doesn't look like a farm. I am such a sucker for lovely gardens hee. At Philip Island, we went to a koala park which had more natural settings. Amazingly, where the signs explained koala feeding patterns, koalas were feeding and where signs explained why koalas sleep a lot, the koalas were sleeping. In short, how could the koalas be doing exactly what the signs said? It's so coincidental!

Anyway, we stopped at Cowe for dinner. It's a really quiet place, and because Geri was feeling unwell, we didn't have the mood to walk too much. HS stayed with Geri to wait for her soup and Dan and I walked around, playing with our cameras. We went to take photos at the Nobbies, where the seals they were famous for were absent.

We finally reached the Penguin Parade! Frenzied souvenir grabbing over, we took our place amongst other penguin enthusiasts and waited for the fairy penguins to return home from sea. Fairy penguins are the smallest penguin species, and prey of cats, dogs and foxes, so in the day time, they swim and fish in the sea and only return home under the cover of the night. We waited patiently for the penguins, and Dan and I argued whether a neat row of stationary "stones" were actually penguins when said row turned around and ran back to the sea! Well, groups of penguins appeared, turned back when they didn't feel safe enough, and then reappeared. The audience was silent, and cheered when the first troop of penguins finally made it home! We then dashed to another part where we witnessed in silence the penguins looking for their burrows. We were entertained by the antics of some of the penguins, and awed by the fact that these penguins make such a long journey after a tiring day at the sea!

Photos for the day here!

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