Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Day 2 in Australia/ Day 3 of my holiday!

Photos here.

This morning was spent travelling to the Blue Mountains, with our first stop at Leura Village. Leura Village is a picturesque place with friendly staff at the various little stores. There was a particular candy store that was very popular and I think any kid (or adult with a sweet tooth) would be overcome with glee in that store!

After the lovely Leura, we proceeded to Scenic World in the Blue Mountains. At Scenic World, we took this rail down a very steep slope (aarrgghh) to reach the valley, where we saw the Three Sisters and then trekked through some rainforest (a mistake to wear boots) to see the Katoomba Falls. We trekked back to catch some cable car (think it's called a Flyway, but I will have to check) back. No time for lunch so I just grabbed a cookie.

After Scenic World, we stopped at Govett's Leap to take in the scenery again. Lovely view. Singapore is too small to hold all those mountains hee. Anyway the Blue Mountains is so called because eucalypus trees grown give off an oil which disperses light and causes a blue mist. There is also a legend regarding the Three Sisters, some aboriginal tale about a magician changing his daughters to stone to protect them from an evil beast but lost his magic staff after that.

We then went to Koala Park, an animal sanctuary, for pictures with wombats, koalas and kangaroos. Seriously I won't mind spending more time looking at animals, though in the end we only had enough time to take photos and feed kangaroos. :(

Went back to DeVere, had dinner at a Fish and Chips place nearby and walked around till we chickens lost our cool at King's Cross, the red-light district with people offering "zhen ren biao yan", or live shows. Should we have gone in?

Oh well, Dan was recovering but serves him right for taking the oily dinner and therefore worsening...

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