Thursday, November 18, 2004

A Silly Story I Thought of because I was Feeling Down...

Once, a gal came upon an unpolished diamond in the jeweller's. She didn't notice how lovely it was at first, but day after day, she noticed that the unpolished gem had a warmth of its own and she fell in love with it.

She wanted to make it hers. She worked hard so that she will be able to afford it, all the while worried that someone will beat her to the gem. The longing for it was painful but she strove on.

But along the way, she suddenly realised that she was not good enough for the gem. She loved the gem so much that she decided it should belong to someone who is worthy enough. So she persuaded herself that true love is not possession, but seeing it belong to someone it should belong to. She kept the memory of the gem in a special place in her heart, thankful that she had seen this lovely diamond before.

In time, she convinced herself that emeralds were her kind of gem instead.

One day, the unpolished diamond went missing. The gal wondered what had happened to it, and whether someone worthy had it.

And one day, the diamond was back at the jeweller's. At this time, the gal had been saving to get herself an emerald, but when she saw the diamond again, she forgot her new goal.

The diamond was back, polished, and even more brilliant.

She was enthralled with its beauty, and when she heard others' praises for the diamond, she was fiercely possessive (even though it was not her possession), because she was the one who saw the brilliance of the gem before it was polished.

And instead of being contented with the emerald she had been saving for, and had thought herself suitable for, she started to pine for the diamond.

The pining hurts, and the gal wonders if an emerald will suit her better after all, but still, the brilliance of the diamond beckons her.

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Anonymous said...

ying, i noe its hard to be contented sometimes w wat u already haf. Its up to the gal to decide whther she is really satisfied w emeralds or she wishes to continue to pursue e diamond which is v nice but may not be accessible at all. ha mayb i am reading too much into ur story huh?ha btw i think my birthstone is either diamond or coincidental. haha

V glad tt u finished ur assignment btw..would love to noe tt the days ahead will be stressfree for ya =)

Luv u always, XP