Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Incredibles is indeed Incredible!

Well, I proclaim myself a fan of The Incredibles now! The cartoon is entertaining for both children and adults. Brace yourself for lots of laughter, cheering for the heroes and just excitement as you watch the newly created super heroes perform their world-saving antics!

What happens when superheroes get sued for damages and the enraged public forgets the heroic deeds of the Supers and demand they retire? You get the Supers trying to lead a 'normal' life despite being supernormal. It's no wonder they fall prey to Super-wannabe Syndrome's evil plot to lure them to an island under the guise of a top-secret mission. Syndrome, who hero-worshipped Mr. Incredible but was rejected by the latter, built up his wealth and made use of his weapon design powers to create deadly droids to kill the supers.

So Mr. Incredible was lured there and although he escaped death, he was captured. Meanwhile, his wife, the ex-Elastigirl, and their kids, Violet and Dash, came to the rescue. The family escaped to find Syndrome with an evil plot to release a deadly droid onto the world and then "removing" it to catapult himself into hero-status. Ex-hero Frozone with the amazingly cool power of turning water into ice immediately, joins forces with his friends, the Incredibles to save the day!

Well, it's not like a deep plot but like I say, you will find yourself laughing and cheering! I'm admiring all the super-talents and thinking which Incredible T-shirt I should get from Bossini. Well, I like Elastigirl for her amazing flexibility, Violety for her painful shyness (and her powers!) and Dash because he is so mischievous! Baby Jack-jack is only stars at the end (but there's The Incredibles 2 since a new villain appeared). Frozone and superhero-fashion designer Edna Mode are funny characters to enliven the plot too!

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