Monday, November 15, 2004

I am still awake, not progressing much with my lesson plan because I was stuck with a flowchart.

My knight in shining armour took on the task after I asked for his opinion. In thirty minutes, my flowchart was transformed.

First, it was my Powerpoint template. Then, my flowchart.

He's spending time on my project even though he has his own to bother with. For that, I am really grateful. I know people think I have been spending time on his project too, but nobody sees what he has been doing for me.

For some time, I have already known he's important to me. I am used to his company in school, to our weekly dinners, nightly chats. Sometimes, unknowingly, people worm their way into your heart, and suddenly, if they were missing, you will have a huge void in your life.

Each day, I come to care even more for him. I really thank God for this friend who has come to me now, a time when we seldom meet friends whom we can keep. It's not the romantic feelings people think we have for each other. I think the care and concern we have and the bond we share as fellow sufferers in NIE is stronger than that.


Anonymous said...

hi dear, glad that u r able to appreciate the small things tt he does 4 u and understand that love is not all abt romance..u must rem i dun read romantic novels..hehe..all the luck with the last phase of ur assignment..someone will be ard to help :)
Luv, XP

peccavi said...

Hi gal... sometimes you realise you love those around you, yet it is not the romantic kind of love, but more like being thankful and appreciative of the companionship provided. For me, I really think I feel that way. It's a mix of loyalty and knowing that I will be there to help him etc... But it's not romantic...