Thursday, October 14, 2004

Today is my first free day since 1967...

Ok, maybe not, but really it's been quite a while since I have a day totally free from school AND tuition.

Started my day by working on my LEARNT project. (LEARNT = Learners Engaged in Activities, Reflection, Negotiation and Transfer = Headache for NIE trainees)

Went out to the bank and food at the hawker centre. It's a freaking hot day! Anyway Mum put some of her money in a single premium guaranteed return five-year plan with OCBC, with me as her beneficiary. She was so morbid, she told me what to do with the money should she suddenly leave before the five years are up! I had a scare...

Did more LEARNT until my partner JF came online and I passed the baton to him, he's now giving my slides an extreme makeover!

School again tomorrow but EL class dinner too!

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