Saturday, October 02, 2004

*sniff sniff*

Flu symptoms now, hope that will not dampen my mood tomorrow! Haven't gone out to town to enjoy for ages, and I do think that both Dan and I need a break.

My friend Yvonne just took MC yesterday to conquer the Isetan bazaar. She spent $1200 at the sale! Woo hoo! Half of that was on a camera but well, I still hesitate to spend such a huge amount at one go.

Had the final tuition with my cousin before his PSLE. The next time I see him, it would be to go out to the arcade or movies. Well, it's been an exciting year teaching him and I must say relations between our families have improved even further! Anyway my aunt offered me their home to live in if I get into XJC and find Bishan too far from home. That would save me transport time, room rental possibly and of couse, save her my cousin's tuition fees. I am tempted but have to see how things go!

Well, got to do a bit of work to justify taking time off tomorrow!

Lalala I like my green template!

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