Monday, October 04, 2004

Mamma Mia! My, My, How can I Resist You?

I watched Mamma Mia with Dan today and I must say it really really exceeded my expectations. I was swaying to the catchy tunes of Abba and singing along. Psychedelic costumes, swinging lights and loud music made it a wonderful and surreal experience (like the ideal retro club scene)! The plot did seem a little too forced, tailored around the songs at times but it's a love story with a happy ending, plus it talks about mother-daughter relationship, which is right up my alley so no complaints!

I wished I had seen Silvie Paladino as Donna though, since she and Kellie Rode appear more like mother and daughter. Tracey Case did a great job though, and I soon got over the weirdness of watching a blonde act as a Greek. The other supporting characters like Pepper, Tracy and Rosie, and watching three suitors grappling with the fact that they might be Sophie's father were amusing too and it all adds up to an enjoyable afternoon! Well, the musical even had an ending I didn't expect but I guess it's all happy in the end ;)

The claim that Mamma Mia! is 110% feel-good factor is not exaggerated, we really came out humming and jiving... Too bad the audience made up largely of students (some who were late and caused some minor disruptions!) were too shy to stand up and dance...

Hmmm, I really feel like rewatching it, but I guess I might as well save up for a theatrical experience in Sydney! Thinking more of getting an Abba album or the Mamma Mia! CD.

Favourite songs: Dancing Queen; Money, Money, Money; Voulez-Vous; Take a Chance on Me; Super Trouper; Knowing Me, Knowing You; Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

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