Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It's a long and busy night.

I have burnt 20 copies of the SPA notes CD for my group and Dan's, printed two different CVs for my interviews this Sat and next Fri, compiled my to-do list with 13 items, chatted with a few friends, etc.

The sugar from the sundae I shared with Dan after dinner is starting to wear off and here I am, trying to get started on my Learning Theories assignment.


Anonymous said...

jia you jia you... me trying to come out with a can-make-it abstract to show my sup in 8.5hrs time... or maybe i shall just tell her i havent do it yet =P

peccavi said...

Hey that was an immediate comment. Good luck for the abstract. Need help?

Anonymous said...

no lah, send the draft to my sup and got shot by her.. but after that she advised me how to write so i shall send in my second draft tmr =P