Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Interesting day...

First, I went to the lab for my Chem lesson today. We were supposed to be practising assessing students for SPA (School-based Practical Assessment, not hot water kind of spa). I think I made fun of Sito, GH, Victor and James too much when I was assessing them, so when it was my turn, they kept coming over to tease me. James was like commenting on my "bad attitude", Victor caught me not knowing how to light up the propane burner, and GH was the only nice one who asked me what happened when I complained to the guys that I wanted to redo the experiment. Anyway it happened that lighting the burner without help was a marking point for Victor's experiment but not for mine, so my helplessness didn't cost me anything but Victor's cruel teasing! It's really funny and one of the best Chem classes I had.

For EL, Dr Z was as boring as ever but after class, we gave Cedric a surprise by barging into his office with a cake and a birthday song (sang just to confuse him). He was really touched and said we were still better than his current class. Our EL class has plans for a buffet dinner next week. Yeh! More to look forward to.

For PCU, Jam and I did our presentation which wasn't that bad. Jam is always more stable than me, especially since I will always dissolve into laughter. After class, I was walking back to my neighbourhood to catch the bus to Boon Lay when Dan messaged me for dinner. So I walked back, and dragged him to Boon Lay market with me. Wasn't expecting to see him today but it's always pleasant to share some time with a good friend. He finally gets to see the West (JP and NIE doesn't count as representative of the west zone)!

I am still feeling lazy but it's time to think about getting some work done!

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