Saturday, October 16, 2004

I thought about motherhood in the middle of the night. I was just thinking how my classmate, a mere few months older than me, can actually balance motherhood and school work. Her bubbly daughter is already 18 months old, and I am so envious that when she is 42, said daughter would be 21!

I just kept thinking whether I will ever be ready for motherhood. I am very attached to my mum because she is the most devoted mum I have ever known. Will i be able to match up to her? She is firm yet friendly, she teaches but not preaches. I am so blessed to have a mother like her, each day I look at her and count my blessings.

Will my children turn out to be psychotic or unbalanced because I am not good enough? Will i spoil them too much or be too harsh on them? Would they respect me? Fear me? Hate me?

Considering I have problems getting attached, maybe I am thinking too far ahead.


Anyway I made my way to Sharon's place at Youngberg Terrace and lost my way. Crossed the road to take the bus when I was not supposed to and ended up opposite the fire station in Serangoon. In the end, her parents had to drive out to fetch me to their place. What a great way to be introduced to your student's parents ha. Sharon is sort of shaky in her Chem so i have a month to perform some really major miracles!

The heat must have gotten into my mind, fried some circuits etc. I actually agreed to go for an interview at MJC! MJC is only, say, 1 hr 45 min away from my home. It's still in Mainland Singapore... I messaged Dan and we decided to change my interview date from Wednesday to Saturday so that he could go with me. Eh there's still almost no way that I will teach in freaking Eastern Siberia but will keep my options open.


Met Cynthia, our great MOF economist on the train. Of course she complained about work (I can empathise)... Finally met HC for a train ride home then dinner. She even has to bring work home after slogging till 5 p.m. on a Saturday! Girl, quit that job! I seriously can't see what is so attractive about the job. I actually wanted to try the Tom Yam fried chicken from KFC but all the fat molecules were waving their glycerol tails at me so I changed my mind.

Dan is having computer woes, oh man, that sucks given his assignments are due soon.

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Anonymous said...

kfc's tom yam chicken is really lousy.. hard, tough and un-tom-yam-ly :( -qi-