Thursday, October 07, 2004

I came home early and surprisingly my brother was back from his movie, so I suggested to Mum and Bro that we go Boon Lay for dinner. Which we did... And we ate a lot, so much that I think I put on 5 kg just from dinner. Anyway we shopped for groceries and household items after that. Hope my mum enjoyed her treats.

Happy Birthday in advance to the most dedicated, most diligent, most sensible mum in the world, the person who moulded me, who pushed me when I needed pushing, who asked me to slow down when I was going too fast, who taught me what right and wrong really mean, who treats me as a friend and an equal and shows she understands I have grown up, who gives me space to be who I am rather than who she wants me to be.

Thanks for everything, Mum.

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Anonymous said...

Oh u shld really express ur gratitude to ur mum everyday! she sounds like a v good mum...i noe u already appreciate her a lot..I have always envy ur relp wif ur mum..:)