Friday, October 29, 2004

The gross errors in the previous post is a testament to how sleepy brains generate rubbish.

Anyway I had to register for my elective for next semester. Suffice it to say that NIE trainees are really kiasu and as a result, the hot modules are snapped up within the first 30 seconds. I was in school and the connection was somehow faster, so I had my first choice, but HS, G and Dan didn't. In the end, HS and G chose another module, and I dropped the class to be in the same module as Dan. Turned out that Gerald and L are in the same class so lucky me!

Went to chat with Dan for a short while before taking the bus to IMM, where I finally had an afternoon out with the lovely pink lady L! Thanks for the presents and your lovely company. See you on Monday! Well, we had a huge feast at Secret Recipe (eating is always a good form of socialising...)

Went for my interview with PSC. Didn't fare very well as I appeared flustered everytime a difficult question was posed. I was so upset and felt so inadequate that I called Dan after the interview. In the end, he consoled me and I got over it. Well, I made it to the final round when so many didn't even have the chance for the first round. Besides, I really do want to teach and like Dan says, I excel there. I am just not the type PSC is looking out for.

Went Queenstown Library to borrow six books (*gasp* I typed "sex books" at first). Shall immerse myself in the world of fiction. I am not the kind to read current affairs and think politics all the time, I am me so don't have to feel bad about the interview!

Anyway I met up with Chris and HC after weeks and we ate dinner at Kampong Days (glorified zhu chao), where we chatted and chatted and chatted.

I am so tired, since I only slept for three hours so far! Happy holidays to me so far!

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