Tuesday, September 21, 2004

This is a busy week for me, and I am so tired.

Yesterday, I had tuition in between my lessons, and also a presentation. Luckily for the minimal preparation my group had, we still managed to do a decent one. I should put more effort in for the presentation on Friday (activities to teach the class about Piaget?), and also the one on Saturday. Well other than that I have a grammar test to study for, a microlesson proposal to prepare and also a journal due next week.

Last night, I worked till 1 a.m. for my assignment. So drained. But some of my friends fared worse. When will all these end?

However, today marks the end of the last PED514 lesson, which means from next week onwards, I end at 5.30 p.m. on Tuesdays. Felt so tired, but thankfully perked up a little after my usual dinner with Dan. No more such dinners on Tuesdays in future? Anyway the poor guy's computer crashed on him so he went back Pasir Ris to work on the assignment, went without sleep and then took a cab ($20) to school this morning! So poor thing, he had to miss lunch too. I bought him cookies to eat in between lessons, but he still had to wait for me to end lessons before dinner.

Well, have to prepare for my interview with XJC tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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