Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Firstly, let me say thanks to Olivia for remembering my birthday and getting a present ready... Well this is my friend from Pri 2 so we go a looooong way back. Thanks for always taking the initiative to contact me and hope life is treating you well!

Secondly, thanks to Tuty who called me to wish me Happy Birthday in advance because she was going to sleep. I miss PGP so much! Well, it's not just Cherie and Jet who are jealous that HY, Felicia and Tuty are on the same floor in PGP, I am so jealous that you fun and lovely people were not my neighbours last year (oh well Felicia was though and that made up for it I suppose!).

Thirdly, thanks to WB, my EL friend who stopped by my table in the library, waited for me to finish my Terry Pratchett and then had lunch and 2.5 hours of solid gossip with me! It's fun chit-chatting with her and heck the test I was supposed to be studying!

The last thanks are the greatest thanks for Dan, HS and G! The three of them actually planned a mini celebration for me. We had dinner at Fish & Co in Jurong Point and after dinner, HS and Dan popped down to buy me a cake for a surprise! It's really sweet of them. I know HS and Geri also chose my presents for me while Dan and I had dinner yesterday. Really glad for the company and for their friendship! Well, the photos for 'instant gratification' will be up soon!

Well, it's too pathetic if I end the night by doing real homework... Shall leave it till tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, will be sourcing for cheap air tickets to Australia. Any lobang, anyone?

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