Sunday, September 19, 2004

The last PE yesterday was great, with lots of laughter and partying, as well as reflection on what we had learnt. Cedric is really a great teacher!

Went for a hilarious lunch with some of my classmates. The nonsense we could be up to is amazing, and seriously I doubted anyone on the 174 bus with us yesterday would have thought these crazy people mimicking services on budget airlines are actually teachers!

Had tuition with cousins, then we went for a seafood dinner (ultra sinful) at ECP. I love the sea.

Felt desperate enough to seek help from Dan for my IT presentation and thankfully he called and soothed my nerves, as well as provided me with the info I needed. What would I do without friends?

Speaking of which, Chris and HC are going through some rough patch. Take care, gals!

Well, I have tuition with CL 4 times this week, 5 deadlines and a test so I guess it's a tough one!

Gotta go!

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