Monday, September 27, 2004

I spent my 5-hour break today most meaningfully-- I met up with Christine and HC at their workplace for lunch! Finally got to meet them after a few weeks!

Went to Teachers' Network, then went Orchard to get nail polish and a pumice stone for myself. The computer lab I am supposed to have my lesson in is locked but the one I am in now is not, so well, here I am!

Only 3 more Mondays to the last lesson... School is ending gradually over the next 4 weeks. I can't wait for the break! However, I have really gotten used to my routine here, who to call for lunch and dinner, etc.

Well, today RV made headlines. Watched the news on Channel U last night on their winning the School Excellence Award. Well, other than ACS (I) and RI, RV is the only school to win that. They also clinched the School Distinction Award, Best Practices as well as landed up as one of the four schools in the new School Banding System. Well, of course one could say that with our normal rivals (RI, RGS, TCHS, NYGS and Dunman) removed from the ranking due to their offering of Integrated Programme, RV is sure to rise to the top. However, the School Excellence Award is not an easy one to clinch. I am just proud that RV has progressed so far!

Time to hop next door for lab!

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Hee happy about the RV news too (",) -qi-