Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Surprisingly, I managed to print out all the animal pictures, instructions for the Oral Communications class as well as write the response paper due in the few hours between my last post and this.

Anyway the next two weeks will be filled with deadlines, so I hope to allocate time wisely. Aerobics seemed to have helped me, for other than the sleepy bus ride home, I felt energised!

The National Day Rally speech was really long, which didn't surprise many since it's PM Lee's first speech. I think PM Lee really portrayed himself as approachable, caring and hunorous last night. Content-wise, the baby bonuses are not surprising, but what is surprising is the less authoritative approaches. Instead of merely giving us carrots for procreating, he highlighted familial values and the joys of having children. The government seems to be dishing out a lot of money for the perks, such as reimbursing employers for entended maternity leave. 3 months... Hmmm. The 5-day week is a myth though, I don't think schools will ever operate 5-day weeks. My NIE tutor already said it's impossible.

The focus on youth and youth-related issues was not surprising too. A lot of challenges come from the (lack of) loyalty of youths to Singapore, and educational initiatives. The Chinese Language curriculum should be revamped long ago although I am more surprised that a modular system will be adopted. I guess this may spark more debates relating to Malay and Hindu being marginalised though.

Ok I am feeling a little tired... Perhaps I shall sleep soon. Was just thinkong today that I miss going out with friends regularly, and also just going out with my guy friends to chat and on pseudo-dates. Sigh.

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