Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Since I am not busy, might as well blog about today's Oral Comms class.

Well, we had to set up stations to try out the self-assessed stations concept in teaching. It was really really fun! My station had either Mix and Match or Win, Lose or Draw to teach students Animal Associations and Attitudes related to the characters in the Song "Love, Me" by Collin Raye. We weren't manning the station (read: self-assessed) but there was lots of laughter and we were voted the most engaging station! Well, actually it was tied between our station and another station teaching us chronology and time sequence. Cadence, Harry, Imran and Siping designed a station where a raffia string represented a timeline and we peg events in chronological order. We also had to draw in our own pictures to fill in the gaps in the timeline. Really fun!

Well, had a relaxing PED514 (social context) class because my presentation was over! We visited the Art Gallery then returned to class for an interesting activity on promoting the arts in schools. I think the presentors today did a better job than us! Sigh, Mrs Mok showed the class their first response papers and most had a C! Some had a D! Since we didn't have to hand in ours last week, I am quite afraid that next week I would get C for both the seminar paper and the second response paper. Cedric also returned some of the class their PE journals today but it wasn't good news for them. Nonetheless I am still worried about how I would fare for my first graded assignment, since the standards here seem to be really high!

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