Monday, August 02, 2004

I am tired, but in a positive way!

Today, I ate damn lots again. Always so excited at the thought of food these days, sigh. Tried Canteen 2 food for lunch today, it actually has several good stalls. Guess HS, Geraldine, Daniel and I can try dinner there tomorrow after our lessons which end at 7.30 p.m. Daniel and I walked from Canteen 2 to NIE today and I think we are getting a better feel of the place! NTU isn't that hard to figure out!

Had my first PED513 lesson today. That's actually Instructional Technologies, or using IT to teach. Well, the discussion degenerated into a complaint session where we griped about the practicality of the IT Master Plans. My tutor is quite nice, and he did listen with an open mind though he was supposed to be advocating the use of IT. However I wasn't paying attention because I was too sleepy. Joshua and Swee Chuan from my OG were sitting opposite me in class and I just dozed off or stared at them while SC whispered some nonsense across the table separating us.

Had the first lesson of a new series of 12 lessons with Janice today. The class just grew horrendously huge and I think the connecting mirrors separating the studio next door have to be removed so that there's space for us the next lesson. There's even an ang moh senior citizen who joined the class! Unbelievably, Janice taught us new moves! Seriously, I expected her to just repeat the moves from the first lesson 12 weeks ago but no! Like she says, aerobics is more fun if there's variation so even if we know all the moves, it's the different combinations of moves she has that makes it more interesting!

Yes, tired after the session which focused a lot on upper body workout.

Time to plan this Saturday's lesson. And yes, something to look forward to:

The Revenge of the Dim Sum Dollies


Anonymous said...

hey i've always enjoyed aerobics classes, used to do it with xuying at amore at least once or twice a week, really fun way to burn those calories! just came back from my first trial yoga class, and my body's aching slightly from all the stretching, heh.

btw, enjoy your life as a student! ;)

peccavi said...

Hey April, how was yoga? Signing up?

Anyway despite my complaints, I will still try to enjoy life as a student. Pretty fun to walk around campus and see familiar faces, friends who can share the woes :)

Anonymous said...

sorry realised i forgot my name, heh.

oh yoga was great, two nights later i'm still aching slightly in my thighs, think i should take that up to improve my stretching and muscle strength.

enjoy the national day long weekend! hope you don't have that much school work to catch up with at the moment.