Thursday, August 05, 2004

I am back here at Blogger! Trust me, besides the periods of time I was away from Singapore and didn't have internet access, I have never stayed so long away from my blogging.

NIE life is that busy. In fact, this weekend, I will have to complete one Pupil Experience Journal, one set of slides for my Social Context of Education presentation, five sets of readings, and perhaps get started on my Social Context response paper.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

So what had I been doing?


This is my first super ultra long day in NIE, stretching from 10.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. (supposedly) with only one hour break. The lessons were interesting, and I bought a pair of Nike shoes from the bazaar. Shall post pictures when I have the time to snap them! Anyway Mrs Mok, my tutor for Social, let us off an hour only since this tutorial was for hoursekeeping purposes, so I stayed back from 6.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. when G and HS were released from their lessons. Daniel met us in school and we walked to Hall 2 canteen. Actually Daniel and I had tried the canteen the day before for lunch and found it satisfactory enough. The Hall 2 canteen boasts of great herbal soup, famous wanton mee, and Ramly's Burgers. Sigh, finally had time to sit down with the gang for a proper meal and chitchat. I am so thankful for their company.

After that we strolled back to Daniel's hall. G and HS caught the bus home but I stayed and checked out his hall room (like my Year 1 Sheares Hall room) and chatted with him will half past nine. Walked home after that, feeling great as the weather was really great for walking, breezy and cool.


I supposedly have a two-hour day on Wednesdays but have to be in school early for Pupil Experience discussion. We had to rush the lesson plan for Cedric, my tutor. Plus points: Cedric saw us having the ultra long (2 hour) meeting!

After that, met Daniel for lunch at Canteen A (good duck rice) before we tried studying in the library. Ended up talking again. At this rate, I think I will fall behind in readings. At almost 3 p.m. we went to meet G and HS for the National Day Observance Ceremony, which involved speeches, the national anthem, pledge and free food and performances. Met L, who wanted to try the food but in the end rushed back for her drama! Haha.

Had Lucille as my Chem tutor for Lesson Planning. G and I are in the same group while Dan and HS are in the next class. The Bio Ed Lab chairs were so hard and uncomfortable, and Lucille, though energetic, somehow could not hold my attention and I found myself drifting at 5 p.m... Barely 30 min after lessons started. Lucille had this crazy expectation of us coordinating in our groups of 8s and giving her an assignment by Friday. In the end my group decided to discuss it on the spot. Somehow, Lucille's lesson made me quite tired, and the thought of compiling another class list and collecting class funds sapped my energy so much that the moment I saw HS and Dan outside our door, I complained. Sigh, hope that doesn't spoil their impression of Lucille before they meet her tomorrow. Anyway, last week I didn't like Cedric too but this week I concluded he's the best tutor I had... Maybe the same would happen for Lucille.

I was supposed to rush to CL's place for tuition but in the end was so tired I decided to head to Jurong Point for dinner with the gang. My phone was spoilt and the speakers on the other side couldn't hear me! After dinner I took a cab to CL's place to teach him one hour of Math, when he cheered me up with his nonsense and out usual bantering. I took a cab back home to rest.

Congrats, I spent $25 on cab fare and earned $22.50 from CL's session. But I felt much better after that so no complaints!


I went to the Nokia Care Centre at 10.30 a.m. and started queuing. At 11 a.m. the centre opened. At 11.15 a.m., I was served. At 11.30 a.m. I walked out of the centre, puzzled as to why my phone was suddenly working.

Wasted my time.

Met Q and her friends for lunch. Then they left for their Honours project meeting while I stayed back and shopped for sandals. My regualr slippers were getting unpresentable and I found this pair of mustard coloured sandals, complete with heel straps, at Swank for less than $10. Comfortable too! Retail therapy hee.

Went to school to do readings, then had a project meeting. Finally had Cedric's class. Today, he gave feedback on the lesson plans submitted yesterday and he used my group's as a teaching example.

He praised us for using headers that made it clear to him who the plan was from and what class we were teaching. Well done to my group mate Gerald for modifying the lesson plan format! We made some mistakes here and there but it was the best lesson plan submitted and wowed the rest of the class so much. In particular, no amendments were made to the section I wrote and I'm floating in air because he said that section was specific and good! Hahaha... One simple remark and I'm so happy.

Then Oral Comms class started proper and he read Click, Clack, Moo. Cows that Type to us. As you can probably imagine, it's a children's book. In fact, my cousin could read that in kindergarten. However, he did it so engagingly we weren't insulted, but played along as well. It's amazing how he introduced us to the concept of children's book to make the class laugh (really, it was almost a non-stop laughing session), and introduce other topics.

He also taught us Dictogloss, a method of dictation that focused on listening for information and reconstructing it rather than listening for words and getting them in the correct order. A most entertaining yet enriching lesson. Looking forward to brunch with the EL class this Saturday, which I missed last week due to mentorship.

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