Monday, August 09, 2004

Happy 39th Birthday Singapore!

I think few people have any idea how much I really love Singapore, how proud I am of my motherland with her unique history and society which makes me the person I am today. We've come a long way and there's a long long way left to go! The tears that I shed when our favourite National Day songs are sung come truly from my heart!

Anyway I went for tuition and caught up with HC before her KTV session. Refused to go because I am broke. Bought myself a new brown top from OG and my brother new socks. That crazy HC dyed her hair too bright yesterday and redyed it black today, as well as underwent treatment after the two dye jobs. Results? After $145, she has glossier hair of the same colour as before.

Watched the NDP and then a little of Singapore Idol. Actually I just wanted to see Steven Lim (that infamous eyebrow plucker who works outside Tangs, the one with the ego bigger than Singapore) and man, I am glad to come back to the room and play my new Jay Chou CD instead.

School tomorrow. Time to prepare some Powerpoint slides for my Social Context class! (Actually, after I catch up with some new gossip via the old Friendster channel.)

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