Saturday, August 07, 2004

Had Pupil Experience again. Students today were kind of restless but we managed to get them involved in class discussion and Q and A! I have to learn how to manage the pace of the lesson since it was quite rushed and we still didn't manage to conduct all the activities we planned.

Had a late breakfast with my tutor Cedric and some other classmates. I think I am lucky to make so many new friends in NIE. It's warm to look around and see more familiar faces. Maxwell Market had excellent food, and the excellent company made it better.

Waited for Christine before we went Raffles City for lunch. Dozed off while reading at the MRT station but so glad I finally met up with Christine! Had Subway sandwich. HC got off work late so in the end I met her for a pathetic five minutes before I headed over to the station to meet my brother to pass him the camera, then with Daniel so that we can walk to Esplanade together to watch The Revenge of the Dim Sum Dollies.

The Dim Sum Dollies are back, steaming hot and bigger and better than last year!

After reading the rave reviews of Steaming!, I was really banging my head against the wall, regretting that I missed the show last year... With school and homework, it's no wonder I was really looking forward to the show.

The show started off with a bang! The Dim Sum Dollies, i.e. Selena Tan, Pam Oei and Emma Yong, were dynamic, and their costumes were amazingly tacky. They portrayed themselves as fun and ready to entertain. The 6 delicious hunks chosen as "extras" (such as male angels in the Filipino maids' heaven) or just for the male leads (like SQ captains) were really entertaining as well, though their roles could be pretty demeaning.

I found the whole show thought-provoking in some ways, especially in my favourite act Sing, which discusses our education system, and our aspirations to fly to otehr skies (all discussed subtly). The Dollies also poked fun at the Lee Dynasty, our lack of sex in the city, and even our National Symbol the SQ Girls. I laughed so much at the segments featuring the japanese crown princess, Megawati, parking pontianaks and Filipino maids...

Definitely worth the money! In fact, HC and I should be catching it again on Wednesday evening :)

Had a strawberry white chocoltae float at Max Brenner's (finally tried it!) and split a white chocolate brownie with Daniel after the show... We just chatted. I realised even after a year we still don't really know about each other. I guess now that we are colleagues we will get to know each other better :)

Met up with HC the second time and decided to go Jurong Point to shop for Maureen's gift. There are so many things we didn't talk about. I wish I have more time to see her but well, Wednesday might work!

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