Thursday, July 15, 2004


Woke up this morning to burn my photos in a rush. Sent them for printing so that I will get them in time for Saturday's class outing. Then went Jurong Point to meet Jianyong (Jay). He's a Prudential advisor now and I must say he's quite convincing in his sales pitch. I do need to think about insurance against risks like death, sudden illness, disability, to protect my family. Also, there's a need to let my savings grow at a rate that is higher than inflation (currently 2%), so that I can afford a comfortable lifestyle for my family.

Anyway went Jurong East to meet YX. Wanted to shop but didn't have the mood. The library didn't have any good books so we went Plaza Singapura to shop around and then had a early dinner at Cartel (thanks for the treat!). Need to grill him on more details on a mysterious A- person.

Then, met Daniel and we walked to Fort Canning to meet HS and Geraldine for the Stella Artois Starlight Cinema screening of Amelie. After a series of advertisements, the show finally started. Despite the mass of umbrellas to ward off the light drizzle, we had actually managed to catch the subtitles etc BUT it was barely two seconds after the show started when the rain grew so heavy that we had to escape! Sigh, what a pity. HS drove us to Plaza Singapura and we slacked at Macs till 11 p.m.

A tiring day.

Congrats to L who is having her graduation ceremony in about 9 hours' time. Will be there to take more photos with her!

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