Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Tough Luck with Buses

Seems like I have bad luck with buses these two days. Yesterday, while I was boarding the Internal Shuttle Bus in NUS to Gertrude's place, the door closed when I had only half boarded! Ouch! Worse, the bus driver took a few seconds before he realised his mistake and there was no word of apology from him! This morning, I boarded 179 to school (I've already started thinking of NIE as school) and the bus broke down in NTU, way before NIE! Had to give up my comfortable seat and boarded a crowded bus behind. Just now, on bus 99 from Boon Lay, the bus swerved and I stepped on somebody's foot. Poor guy!

Team Bonding

At first I was quite disappointed that I wasn't in the same team bonding group as my friends whom I am closer to. However, it was the wrong spirit to adopt and after initial hesitation and shyness, my group warmed up and I got around to talking to people and making more friends. The group consisted of mainly Chemistry, EL and E Lit teachers. There were even a few cute guys in the group! Well, there were a few who were older, having other careers before making the switch to teaching. It's unfair some of the older guys look my age! With such a special mix of people, I realised that there was a lot to learn. The world is also a small one. For example, I met this teacher who taught at ITEs before and he actually knows my cousin! Another guy turns out to be B's roommate, a few girls are actually friends of my friends. This sounds so much like Friendster!

Anyway the activities were conducted by K.C., an OBS facilitator. We played games which required cooperation and teamwork. The most memorable were "Helium Balloon" and the grand finale. For the former, we had to support a hula hoop resting on our index fingers and drop it slowly to the ground. Somehow, the hoop would rise against our wishes and soon it felt like lead! For the grand finale, our group had the best "Coat of Arms" and War Cry but our egg launcher was not that successful though it provided laughter for the others who noted the distance travelled by the launched egg.

Oh well, tiring stuff. I have to go check my NIE class information now. There seems to be more to look forward to now!

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