Monday, July 12, 2004

Today, I had quite an exciting day. For once, I feel that the holidays are too short. I haven't played enough yet!

It's all because I am now an NIE trainee teacher! Today is my registration day. Sigh.

Anyway met Kenneth from my JC class for lunch today. He's still looking as bright and cheery as ever! Well, chatted with him about school, his work and study in US (Bioengineering) and his work so far in NTU. Looking forward to meeting more of my JC classmates (like YH, David, and perhaps ZJ online for isketch, David on Friday for prawn mee etc). Oh yeah I met Jack, from the Sino Singapore Exchange at the canteen and he's moving into the same hall as Daniel. The same lousy hall that's five minutes (on foot) from my home, which makes it 20 minutes from NIE!

Went NIE and met Q for five seconds. Anyway I was among the first few to join the registration queue and hence within fifteen minutes, I was done. Well, not much to complain but even with three counters collecting payment, it's still slow! And I brought cash but not the exact amount so had to pay by NETS. Tsk!

Oh as orientation gifts, I received a SARS protection kit (hahaha), four issues of education journals and a Nelgene bottle. Eh maybe that's why I have to pay $87.50 in the first place :(

Read the orientation schedule. Looks like talks and talks all the way.

Anyway after that I went home (yes, I can walk home since it's downhill, and just 25 minutes on foot!) but by cab (so cheap!) and deposited my stuff. Went Jurong Point after that, ran some errands and then just left for Jurong Spring CC.

I sat at the Macs and read non stop for almost three hours. What a comfortable feeling to just sit and do nothing! This is the last Monday I can do so!

Anyway went for aerobics. Janice is setting up a new class (continuation of this class) on the Monday slot so now I can choose between Monday and Wednesday. Depends on my timetable I suppose, so I am eager to know the timetable but NIE is not exactly a symbol of efficiency.

Janice had a new workout. Had I become less fit over the week or was the workout so strenuous I was sweating buckets within fifteen minutes? But it's still exhilarating to move to loud disco tunes. Gets the blood pumping.

And yes, it's CONGRATULATIONS to Christine and HC tomorrow. Would be attending their commencement and volunteering my services as their photographer. Would love to join HC's OG dinner since she asked me along but have tuition sigh.

Plans for the Week

Tues: Bizad commencement, hang out for a while, tuition.

Wed: Meet up with my sec four classmate JY, maybe YX, and it's Amelie at Fort Canning in the evening with Daniel, HS and Geraldine!

Thurs: Tuition at Hougang

Fri: Prawn Mee at induced bro Teck's place, then tuition.

Sat: Tuition with CL, Shuanna, Marvin, Vencia then class outing with my sec four friends at the Colours of the Bay! (April, so far 14 people have confirmed their attendance. Waiting for more from Yuet Ling and the guys from Dan's side.)

Sun: Tuition then Honours class outing!

Busy busy busy week.

Olivia, hope you get well soon. Take care ok?

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Anonymous said...

14 people is great, think it'll be a pretty large group. there are certainly a few which i haven't met for a long long time. let me know the total number, i can make a reservation. it's also a busy weekend for me, i'm going round the island for graduation photo-taking with my uni classmates before meeting up with you guys, hopefully can get to go back first and change. seeya on saturday, yeah? remember your photos!