Friday, July 23, 2004

Tiring day.

EL looks exciting. Next Saturday, I will be expected to apply what I learn from the Monday tutorials to teach a group of Secondary school kids! Workload seems heavy and believe it or not, I already have homework due on Tuesday!!

Goodness knows what possessed Daniel and me but we volunteered to be the Chemistry class reps and now have to collect transcripts from the class, compile the class mailing list, sigh. Sigh.

I am no longer upset about my timetable. I think it gives me time to do homework in between. I am beginning to feel Hermionish! Anyway NIE has a small but beautiful campus with lots of greenery (that's why it's beautiful) and I expect I will be inspired to work for my homework during the long breaks! Thanks Q for your information :)

Had an interesting Educational Psychology lecture. Orientation week and already we are copying notes. Tough life ahead huh? Nonetheless, it feels good to be working hard. Well, at least for the beginning.

Met several people from my team-bonding group. Well, at first I was upset that I wasn't in the same group as close friends but now I welcome the increase in familiar faces around campus!

PS: Been to the NIE library and my, the shelves of teaching resources, textbooks and assessment books made me absolutely gleeful!

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