Friday, July 09, 2004

Photo Time!

Daniel sent me 13 MB worth of photos so I can finally post some of the photos taken on Wednesday here! Actually I wanted to post them at 12 a.m. but fotopic has decided to choose this particular batch of photos to manually spot-check for adult content. Yeah, protect users. Go ahead. (Update: Within 15 minutes, they were done. Wow.)

Our Chemistry Corridors. Actually there are some models of molecules on the floor, and also portraits of Chemistry lecturers, including a brontosaurus which retired before I was born (we suspect).

Daniel and I acting the nerds in the Chemistry Honours Lab. Last year this time I was actually doing experiments in that darn place.

The six of us in LT 27, enjoying the air-con!

Esplanade time!

The five of us with the cityscape behind us. I like this shot.

The three gals! Nobody gave me flowers hee.

Dan and me balancing on the railing, trying not to fall backwards.

Well, more coming this weekend!


when will i find my techno princess... said...

Happy Graduation!

Now you can go out & find a job. While I still have 2 or 3 more years to wait. Sigh...


peccavi said...

Thanks Ivan!

I have a job already, going to be a teacher. How did your MOE interview go in the end?

when will i find my techno princess... said...

Pah. Got rejected. =P

Nvm la... can either try nxt yr or see how first.

peccavi said...

Yeah, try again next year. I am sure you will get it sooner or later! We need EL teachers!