Saturday, July 24, 2004

My mother has ESP I swear.

I came home after a long day, feeling a little under the weather and she already has brewed some herbal tea for me. Thanks Mum!!

Anyway went back to school for a bit of work this morning, then went to Jurong Point to finish rereading The Order of Phoenix (it gets better with every reread!) and take passport photos. Then travelled to Jurong East to meet HC, only to come back to JP for Ella Enchanted after lunch. Well, let's just say the plot and characters were underdeveloped and the few laughs in the 1 hour 20 min didn't exactly make the $8.50 I paid worthwhile. Should have watched I, Robot.

Anyway travelled to Woodlands to meet Bridgette to get her old textbooks. Bridgette is still looking pretty, despite the stress from teaching. Came back to JP for dinner with Christine and HC after that. With that amount of travelling, it's no wonder the value stored in my EZ Link just keeps plunging. Now that all three of us are working/schooling full-time, with lousy schedules, it seems next to impossible to coordinate a dinner. Sigh. In fact, it may even be easier if I go down for lunch instead.

Oh yes, highlight of the day should be running into Ms Lee, my JC Chem tutor cum Science HOD. She asked me when I will be in enrolled in NIE and asked me to teach at my alma mater. I shall be visiting her, and a few other tutors this Wednesday morning. My Civics tutor, Mrs Ow has already given birth!

Just got a message from B who mentioned that my hair looks great from the back when he sat behind me during lecture yesterday. Haha, that sort of perks me up a little.

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