Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Met up with Q but was late by 40 minutes. Sorry dear!

Well well well, highlight of the day:

Yes! Spiderman 2 was really really really much much much better than I expected! I mean yes, it's a must-watch but I didn't expect myself to be eagerly anticipating Spiderman 3, 4, 5, you get the idea, after the show!

My only gripe is that there are not enough action scenes, but then again, my heart might stop if they put in more of the action. Every time I hear the "thump thump thump" that precedes the appearance of Doc Oc, the villain, I gripped the seat in fear. The best action scene was...

Spoiler alert!

the subway scene. I mean it really looked like the train full of people would die but never underestimate the elasticity and strength of Spidey's ammo, i.e. the sticky web thingy.

He ran out of ammo because of identity crisis? Wow, what a modern answer.

Poor Peter Parker, I heard several comments that he's a loser especially during the ball during which M.J. announced she's engaged. Funny moments: sending pizza in Spidey outfit.

Touching bits: the train full of people trying to stop Doc Oc from getting Spidey, Peter giving up M.J. for her sake, M.J. finally choosing Spidey, Harry giving up revenge, Doc Oc sacrificing himself in the end to stop half of New York from being destroyed, Aunt May forgiving Peter etc etc.

Really, Spidey will not be such a pitiful character in Movie 3 because all his major conflicts have been resolved. That also makes it such a satisfying show to watch BUT what on earth are they going to film for Movie 3, assuming there is one??

Worth 5 out of 5 stars!!

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@pril said...

hey, i agree that it's a great movie! not a fan of fighting scenes, so i enjoyed the touching and emotional bits more. there IS spider-man 3 according to ben, think showing in 2 years' time only, and i'm guessing harry osborn is going to be huge part of it (btw, he's cute huh!).