Friday, July 16, 2004

Just a short one.
The iSketch class gathering was a success, even though only 4 of us turned up online for a few rounds of Win, Lose or Draw. I hereby confirm that I can't draw! Sidney guessed very well though and the session was full of laughs. Great catching up!
Met up with David Kent and Ted Trunzo for prawn mee at Teck Soon's cousin's stall today. Yum yum.
And reading  the last chapter of "Mr Tompkins Inside Himself", one of the popular science books which I had borrowed weeks ago. A fantastic read, which teaches lots on biology and the human body. Highly recommended :)


maroczybind said...

Hey, thanks so much for bringing me and Ted to eat the prawn noodles. :)

The isketch was really enjoyable! Hope we can try it again sometime but now that your holiday is ending and I'll be having some "national commitments", it's definitely going to be more difficult. Sigh...

peccavi said...

Hope you enjoyed the meal, thanks for the treat!

Anyway the isketch was fabulous! Must do it again soon, maybe on the National Day weekend?

maroczybind said...

That sounds like a great idea... I can't confirm yet though because if I do something wrong, I might just have to spend that weekend in camp, but that's a good plan. We could try to organise something on that weekend. =)