Sunday, July 18, 2004

I am trying out the new blogspot features. Now, writing a blog is just like using MS Word, with all the editing features easily available from the toolbar, no messy HTML!
Anyway, I had my 4B Class Outing yesterday. Turnout was really good, with 18 of us and Miss Kong, our Sec. 3 form teacher! We had an enjoyable dinner at the Garlic Restaurant, then proceeded to continue catching up at Baker's Inn at One Fullerton. Everybody has changed so much, I feel, and perhaps with some, we were no longer as free with our opinions, no longer so "intimate" with one another. Yet on the other hand, we had shared memories, mutual friends, a store of the good times we enjoyed when we were once carefree and crazy, fun-loving Sec. 4 students. My Sec. 2 classmate HM once told me that the friends we made during secondary school days would be the truest and most lasting friends. :)
Anyway, I gave the Honours Class Outing today a miss, because I prefer to spend my last day of holiday at home. Just with my family, my books.
Tomorrow marks the start of a new phase in life.


Anonymous said...

hey yeing, thanks for organising the reunion, it was fun! maybe we can try something different next time i.e. barbecue or potluck? and good luck for course in NIE!

peccavi said...

Thanks April! I will try to get a chalet for class outing next time. Had a great time with you people too!