Monday, July 19, 2004

I am dead beat.

I was yawning away during Janice's very interesting aerobics class, with new cartoon moves. Unfortunately, although HC thought with her old HSBC job gone, she'd be able to make it for classes, the poor gal had overtime on her first day at AIA. Two stacks of claim forms await her attention, and by the time her "training" ended, 40 minutes late, her supervisor said, "It's up to how disciplined you are. You can stay to clear this up, or you can leave."

I guess if my timetable fits, I will go for the new series on Monday classes. Will check it at NIE Portal later.

Speaking of which... Today was really tiring, with long talks, bad food but some interesting sharing from the new graduates from the course. I feel excited at the thought of teaching :) The going is tough, and it's just starting, but I believe with passion, I can overcome anything.

Walked home after that. Daniel walked me to the Nanyang Garden before he walked to his hostel. I pity the poor guy, who had to climb up 204 steps (we counted) to the South Spine before he can walk to the North Spine and cross the bridge to NIE. Which is also why I am not walking to school, though the downhill journey home would be great.

Oh yes, we also got to watch some interesting performances, such as Beatbreakerz from Shuqun Secondary (using pails and basins as drums) and a group of primary school kids wearing fake graduation robe and gigantic mortar boards and dancing to the song by Vitamin C.

A tiring day. Luckily, my team bonding is not tomorrow. Will have to read a sample essay before work at the Writing Centre (my last day!) tomorrow.

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