Monday, July 05, 2004

The Henri Delaunay trophy

I don't know whether to say the Greek victory was expected or not. After all, twice they had played against big shots (France and Czech) and twice they had proven the jesting spectators and fans wrong.

However, I guess I really wanted Portugal to win. It would have been a much more emotional victory, with history created by a host which won the cup first time in a zillion years.

Ok, twenty perhaps.

Nevertheless, history of another kind is made. Greece is the Euro champions! Greece, Greece?!? Sigh I think their victory at the opening match was already much unexpected. If prior to that, anyone had said Greece would be the winner, the person would probably be a laughing stock. In fact, up to the semis, that person would still have been a laughing stock.

I am really incoherent now. I guess I am still recovering from shock. But to give the Greeks some credit, they did have strong defence and held up great against the Portugese.

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