Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Happy Belated Birthday Minz!

Happy Birthday Bridgette!!

Happy 2nd Anniversary of My Blog!

Congratulations to NUS Chemistry Honours Class 2004!

Yes yes yes it's a day to celebrate! In the morning, I rushed down to the University Cultural Hall with my family. I thought I was going to be late for my class photo but as usual there were people who were later. Luckily for me, Daniel, HS and Geraldine were at the robing room to help me with my gown and hood and Sharon later helped me pin the mortar board to my hair. We had the class photo then got seated.

It's really a fast ceremony, and we took turns to go on stage to receive our diplomas. I was so scared of falling. Then, while waiting for the whole thing to be over, I actually chatted with Pamela and Mengyin... Usual gossip about people we know, comments about others' dressing (refer to Advice to Graduands below). Also read the Graduates' Handbook and saw who got First Class, etc. K, who is in USA feeding squirrels and pretending to be busy with planning activities for his summer camp actually won the Lijen Industrial Award, and he's the only second upper honours student to do it! I am extremely proud of him, and wish he was here to celebrate his commencement but he's probably happy being a Summer Camp counsellor in USA> Jeremy, our A+ student, was valedictorian and the Chem Honours class gave him a standing ovation. See how close we had become in this one year.

After the ceremony, it's another round of class photos. Khai Ming had just gotten back from Thailand and though he missed the ceremony, he rushed down to take photos with us! *touched* Family had to leave so it was family photo. Dr Szeto came down to congratulate us and my honours group took a photo with him. We also saw Dr Fan, most popular lecturer (in my opinion) and grabbed him for photo shoot. Fair Fong, Joanne and Xiaowan came down too and I took photos with these juniors of mine. Saw Robert, Shirley (from RV) and Weizhu so grabbed them for photos.

Then HS, Geraldine, Daniel, Tien Teng, Sharon and I went around UCC and then Science Fac to take photos. At Sci Fac, I ran into Prof G. Yablonsky!!! He is my ISM supervisor from years ago and is a visiting professor. This time, it's the Physics Dept which had invited him down. He congratulated me and told me that I should go for further studies in USA, because it's good training and because I am able. I am glad he thinks highly of me but I wish I could have the interest to continue. Nonetheless, one can't tell what will happen in years and maybe someday I might be Prof Yablonsky's student again.

Man, it was so hot and stifling with our clothes and gowns. Our court shoes were also killing us. We were so tired and kept complaining. But we managed photos at the canteen, at our famous LT 27, at the Honours Lab, the Chemistry corridor etc. After 4 plus, TT had to return to camp so the five of us proceeded to the Esplanade for photos. Anyway no photos today because before I left, my brother borrowed the camera away for his orientation camp until Sunday. I wish I could share the photos immediately.

Esplanade photos were great. But really, my feet were killing me, and it's so tiring to put on and take off the costumes, I really can't bring myself to go through it with my Sec 4 classmates next week... Let my feet rest first and perhaps I can think more clearly after that. But tomorrow, my gown is going to the dry cleaners.

It's really a joyous day, to be able to celebrate with family and friends. My regrets were that I had to sacrifice lunch plans with family because Bro had to rush for Orientation and I wanted to join the guys for photo-shoot. Today, it was fun to joke around and tease one another and I really wish I had more of such days with these new found friends. Luckily for me, I can take the initiative to keep in touch AND HS, Geraldine and Daniel will be my coursemates next sem.

Funny Moments

It's actually HS and Geraldine's wedding rehearsal. Really. See the buffet, the photo shoot? Incidentally, any aisle related photo shoot (e.g. in the lab and LT) led to merciless teasing from me.

Unfortunately I was not spared from teasing. At Science, I had to put on the gown again and somehow I couldn't match the hook and eye of the gown properly. So imagine me looking down at my blouse, approximately the position of the second button.

TT suddenly exclaimed, "What are you looking at?"

Hahaha, I can't stand it, TT, Daniel and I immediately burst into laughter at the stupid question. But can't blame TT, guess it must really appear to him that I was staring at my chest!

Advice to Graduands

1. Wear comfortable shoes. Wear stockings if you can, and better have the shoes well-seasoned. It's gonna be much easier on your feet.

2. Have someone watch your hood at the back.

3. Registration means showing our attendance cards. Try not to bring too many barang barang.

4. Use hairpins to secure the mortarboard to the hair, so that you can safely bow to the Dean.

5. Remember, there's a photographer taking photos so take note to smile and look towards the camera!

6. Dry clean the gown. It really removes all wrinkles and make them more presentable.

7. If you are wearing skirts, don't wear something short and tight like a certain classmate of mine. When she bowed, her gown sort of parted at the lower end and all we could see was legs.

8. Wear something with a collar. Those who didn't looked like they were wearing nothing under the gown.

9. If you want a class photo, have your class rush to the second floor as soon as the ceremony is over. It's a good spot.

10. Bring a change of clothes and comfortable shoes if you are not going out to the Esplanade or elsewhere.

Hope that helps the people who have yet to go through the ordeal.

Congratulations in advance to April, Dawn Vic, HC and Christine!

PS: David, I tried to see if you were in Esplanade library today. If you saw a group of five crazy people at the rooftop of Esplanade, decked in the Harry Potter costumes, that's us. I am meeting Kenneth on Monday, join us?

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hey thanks! congrats to you too, and sounds really fun. too bad mine's in the evening, so there's not many chances of photo-taking after that, so we're thinking of going back to school the following morning for the photos. hey post some of your pics, will be looking forward to them! can give me some good ideas on where to pose also, hehe.