Monday, July 26, 2004

The first day of school was quite a tame one. I took a cab to school because all the 179 buses that passed by my bus stop were packed to the doors, and the drivers didn't even bother to stop!

Had PCE514 class. I can't remember the module title but the module is split into teaching us grammar and also on theories of language development. So deja vu, it's like my EL days in NUS! incidentally, JT and Robin from my OG are in my class!

Anyway I studied at the library and photocopied some readings after that. See? I feel like Hermione Granger now hee hee. Well, hope this initial burst would propel me far enough and keep me going this semester.

Ran into Q too. what bad luck haha.

Anyway I walked back home in the afternoon, and met Yee Soon from Sino-Singapore Exchange. I could easily find my way home from NIE now and the 25-minute walk provides good exercise. Since I have aerobics on Monday, tuition on Friday and Saturday, I shall walk home on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in future!

Went for aerobics. Janice asked me for feedback since I was one of the newest students. Next week it's the start of another 12 weeks of aerobics, and this time, HC won't be able to join me since she's always working OT! Well come to think of it, she seldom made it for this series of classes anyway.

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