Tuesday, July 27, 2004

An excerpt of a mail to that someone who is miles away, and whom I miss dearly:

Since I have known you, I have always admired the way you go all out to get what you want and what you believe in and seeing how this summer camp turned out for you makes me happy for you!

Anyway I have just enrolled in NIE. My, it's really a heavy course. I just started classes yesterday but I was already doing my tutorials in the weekend before. It's quite a practical course as well, giving trainees handy tips on how to teach, and in some subjects, also some content syllabus.

I never thought I would be exposed to so many different people in the small world of NIE. Just in my orientation group and first two tutorial classes, I have met trainees who made a career switch after ten years at another job, graduates who started their own businesses but decided teaching is more for them, people who studied fine arts for years and suddenly decided to teach art rather than make art (commercial art lah). Some trainees have done contract teaching, and bring with them experiences in dealing with Normal stream students.

I am glad to hear that you enjoy teaching your students on the archery range. Who knows? Maybe one day you might actually end up in NIE! I'll never forget the circumstances we met. I think after four years, I am impressed that you did well, and are doing well in both research and teaching, the two interests you told me you had. For me, I am excited that I am one step closer to my ambition. I can't wait to get started on learning how to teach!

In fact, this Saturday, I have to teach an enrichment course with my group mates. Do not ever take EL as a curriculum subject, if you ever step into NIE. It's incredible how much we have to learn, and how much we have to plan and teach!

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