Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Busy Busy Day

Well I woke up at 7 plus and then took a cab to HC's place to pick her up for Commencement.

We reached the University Cultural Centre at 9 a.m. and I proceeded to help her with her robe and hood. What Geraldine did for me in five minutes took me much longer and as Maureen and I strutted about like mother hens, trying to adjust the gowns and hoods for HC, Christine, Esther and JJ, we didn't realise time had just flown by.

Joe Jee, HC's OGL and I were her guests. Well, it's the usual ceremony. After that we had the longest photo-taking session ever. I took more photos for them today than I did for my own commencement but it was fun. Lunch at Holland V then back to school, where we met Christine, JJ and their friends. More photo-taking. Finally, Christine, HC and I proceeded to West Coast Park, where we had coffee and fries and MORE photos. Yes, will post the photos soon.

I skipped tuition. Laijie picked us up and drove us to Seah St Deli, where HC's OG was gathered for dinner (I'm the stray pig adopted by them haha). So fun, but so sad the easy feeling we shared last time was replaced by a weariness caused by work!

Laijie dropped us at Clementi. Took a cab back. So tiring.

Well plans for Wednesday: Meet Jianyong to listen to some sales pitch, meet YX for reading and early dinner and finally Amelie at Fort Canning with the Chem clique if the weather holds!

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