Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Break from Orientation today.

Went back to the Writing Centre for the last bit of duty. We interviewed some candidates for the posts of Writing Assistant, to replace the three graduated WAs. There was an impressive candidate but the one I role-played against was horrible. I dropped her so many hints as to how she could conduct the conference but she was way out of point, and her demeanor was bad.

I think it's really an amazing job to be able to peer-tutor at the Writing Centre. The process of writing had been an internal one, one that comes rather naturally for me but after working at the Centre for the past year and a half, I was able to crystallise the thought process and write in a more engaging manner than previously. Hazy notions like thesis and motive became clearer, and my superb colleagues helped me a lot too. It's amazing how we are able to help others in their writing, nudging them into shaping their thought processes into logical arguments. It's not easy, and I often had to grapple with the nagging worry that I could be giving the wrong advice and making the essays worse.

I'm sad to leave the Centre. It's been a great learning experience for me.

Incidentally, I got a farewell present ($25 Borders voucher) from the director today.

Anyway after tuition, I got back and checked mail. The Public Service Commission was apparently pleased with my performance at the psychometric test in May, at least pleased enough to schedule two more interviews for me. Friends have the misconception that if I get chosen for a Ministry post I won't have to teach but I doubt so. I love to teach and I think ultimately I will be fighting for a chance to be a principal but if I have the chance to work in the Ministry and see some behind-the-scene work, it will be a golden opportunity to learn even more. Which explains my superb good mood now.

My JC classmate S had just announced that our Economics tutor wants to meet us for dinner. I feel so bad aboutnot visiting RJ more often. Speaking of which, I am supposed to return to RJ to promote USP on a Wed but I need my timetable! Also need my timetable to check if I can go for the PSC interview.

NIE, NIE, please release the timetable soon!

More orientation tomorrow. Hope I make new friends.

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