Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Say "Brisk Pace" Quickly Ten Times

I couldn't even say it properly during the tuition session with QC today. Somehow, QC and I tended to pronounce it somewhat closer to "briefcase".

Half of 2004...

We are all half done with 2004 today! Pretty scary. I can't really list out what I have achieved or how I have improved over the six months. Just a short list:

1) Learnt more about chemistry, especially impressed with bioinorganic and polymer chemistry.

2) Designed and studied a module on second language acquisition myself.

3) Made more friends from my honours class.

4) Taught lots of tuition and made enough money to see my savings grow a bit.

5) Visited Redang and enjoyed my holidays.

6) Picked up aerobics.

7) Caught up with people from my past.

People to thank:

1) My readers who encourage me when I was down.

2) People whose blogs I read, who entertained me.

3) My brother for being so understanding all the time.

4) My parents, who continue to support me and love me despite who I am.

5) My good friends, HC, Christine, Q, L, CY and Mich, who made life more than bearable for me.

Long long long queue

Had lunch with Daniel, Geraldine and Hock Soon today. (Ran into Dan and Lionel from my Sec. 4 class too, and Lionel looks good in formal wear haha.) Then we walked to MPSH from Science, possibly for the last time in many years to come, and queued two hours to collect and then try our academic dresses. We really didn't know how to put on the hood! Daniel had to adjust mine for me and we decided to watch the video available at home to refresh how to put it on. But I saw some Chem classmates taking photos outside the Science Library too. Finally there's the "graduation ambience" and I am finally more excited.

Here's a list of places I would like to take photos at, in my full academic dresses:

1) UCC
2) Esplanade
3) PGP, my home away from home for three years
4) Botanic Gardens or someplace with lots of greenery.

Anyone keen to join me?

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