Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A Night of Frenzied Calls and SMSes

It started rather like the opening scene of the first Harry Potter movie.

I was on the crowded bus home, reading when suddenly I realised out of the corner of my eye, the street lights had gone out. Thinking nothing of it, I continued reading.

A while later, the China woman next to me tapped my arm and asked if there was a blackout. I looked out.

There were no street lights, no corridor lights, no lights from the residences, no traffic lights.

Oh dear! A Blackout. I worried immediately about my mum, who was at home alone.

At the lightless junction, the bus made a right turn to Jurong West Ave 1. A dramatic change, for there were lights!

Suddenly, the calls came. Dad informed me of the massive scale, ranging from Geylang to Clementi. Osama is back, Dad concluded. YX, working in MHA, was worried about terrorist attacks too.

(If there is a terrorist attack later, this will be the last blog I ever write, I suppose.)

Chris replied to my sms that the blackout occurred when she was in the midst of replying an email. My mum worried that I would be trapped in the lift or find no way of climbing the stairs in the darkness. HC thanked heavens that she had missed tuition, or she would have been trapped somewhere in the dark. My aunt confirmed that Hougang is a victim too. The news added Bishan etc to the list.

Like I say, it's a night of excitement, a night of frenzied smses and calls.

And Elywn just called me to apologise for something minor. My idol is back from Holland and I can't wait to meet up with him. Incidentally, signs show that CL and Shuanna might patch up soon. Haha ever the gossip.

(I am only blogging tonight because I assume with the power down, very few Singaporeans have the privilege to blog, so I shall not waste it.)

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